5 Reasons to Consider Machine Guarding for Your Company

When it comes to investing in our companies, we try and do everything we can think of to ensure success, profitability, a happy workforce, and future prospects. We think of marketing, advertising, talent development, training, and any other obvious decision that will help advance our company. However, do you ever stop to think about the safety elements of your business, and how that can be directly related to your workforce productivity? How secure is your operation? Do people feel safe working at your facility?

More than just being the law here in Canada, machine guarding is the missing component of your production facility. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Employee Morale:
    Your employees can immediately detect if you care about their well being or not. They are obviously going to go above and beyond for a manager whom they feel cares about their happiness and healthiness. Machine guarding is a very public way to demonstrate that kind of care while keeping your employees safe.
  • Compliance:
    According to the law, machine guarding for any rotating parts or nip hazards on machinery is mandatory. Compliance is an important key element of running a lucrative operation that is also appealing to investors and partners. If you have any questions about creating a compliant environment, we are happy to answer them here at Industrial Guarding Inc.
  • Additional Usage:
    Did you know that machine guarding can actually open up the functionality and access of equipment? When the dangerous element is protected, users are able to work around the machine in a way they were unable to before, enabling greater functionality and productivity for everyone involved. Not to mention, everyone stays safe in the process.
  • Easy Cleaning:
    All machines require some form of upkeep. It’s great practice to clean your equipment, investing in its longevity (since it did, after all, cost a lot of money). Whether a machine is used for painting, welding, cutting materials, or anything else, machine guarding generally helps to contain sparks, dust, and other materials that can fly out of machines, into the air, and onto the ground. This helps you to keep the machines cleaner while also creating a cleaner and safer work environment.
  • Greater Productivity:
    With less cleaning required, boosted employee morale, and greater accessibility to your machines, you will witness a spike in productivity at your facility. Great productivity means a larger profit as a result of output. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Industrial Guarding Inc.
Here at Industrial Guarding, we know how important – and legally required – machine guarding is for any kind of production or manufacturing facility. If you’re interested in investing in your workforce, supporting your employees, and doubling your output, consider the benefits of machine guarding today. Above all, it helps you remain compliant with the law.