5 Reasons to Consider Machine Guarding for Your Company

When it comes to investing in our companies, we try and do everything we can think of to ensure success, profitability, a happy workforce, and future prospects. We think of marketing, advertising, talent development, training, and any other obvious decision that will help advance our company. However, do you ever stop to think about the safety elements of your business, and how that can be directly related to your workforce productivity? How secure is your operation? Do people feel safe working at your facility?

More than just being the law here in Canada, machine guarding is the missing component of your production facility. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Employee Morale:
    Your employees can immediately detect if you care about their well being or not. They are obviously going to go above and beyond for a manager whom they feel cares about their happiness and healthiness. Machine guarding is a very public way to demonstrate that kind of care while keeping your employees safe.
  • Compliance:
    According to the law, machine guarding for any rotating parts or nip hazards on machinery is mandatory. Compliance is an important key element of running a lucrative operation that is also appealing to investors and partners. If you have any questions about creating a compliant environment, we are happy to answer them here at Industrial Guarding Inc.
  • Additional Usage:
    Did you know that machine guarding can actually open up the functionality and access of equipment? When the dangerous element is protected, users are able to work around the machine in a way they were unable to before, enabling greater functionality and productivity for everyone involved. Not to mention, everyone stays safe in the process.
  • Easy Cleaning:
    All machines require some form of upkeep. It’s great practice to clean your equipment, investing in its longevity (since it did, after all, cost a lot of money). Whether a machine is used for painting, welding, cutting materials, or anything else, machine guarding generally helps to contain sparks, dust, and other materials that can fly out of machines, into the air, and onto the ground. This helps you to keep the machines cleaner while also creating a cleaner and safer work environment.
  • Greater Productivity:
    With less cleaning required, boosted employee morale, and greater accessibility to your machines, you will witness a spike in productivity at your facility. Great productivity means a larger profit as a result of output. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Industrial Guarding Inc.
Here at Industrial Guarding, we know how important – and legally required – machine guarding is for any kind of production or manufacturing facility. If you’re interested in investing in your workforce, supporting your employees, and doubling your output, consider the benefits of machine guarding today. Above all, it helps you remain compliant with the law.

The Importance of Good, Quality Machine Guarding

One could argue that every workplace comes with its fair share of hazards today. For those working with large machinery, equipment, and moving parts deal with an extreme amount of danger as it relates to workplace safety. Plant workers, managers, employees, and anyone else involved in production or manufacturing knows the plight.

As part of Canadian law, guarding your machinery pieces that are moving or poise significant danger to works is mandatory to remain compliant today. Whether it’s nip hazards or rotating parts, one of the most important things you could do today is invest in good, quality machine guarding. Here’s why:

    • It’s the Law: Canadian law mandates that all managers and supervisors ensure proper machine guarding effort is taken to minimize moving/rotating parts and nip hazards on the job. The supervisor is held liable for all injuries and/or deaths that may therefore occur through operating machinery that was not properly guarded. The law makes it clear.
    • It Saves Lives: Besides remaining compliant with the law, machine guarding saves lives. According to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Canadian statistics, in 2012, 1976 workers were caught or compressed by equipment. As a result, the law got serious about workplace injuries due to no machine guarding. Now, you can purchase parts and systems that were made specifically to guard your machinery, keeping all of your employees properly protected and supported while they perform their jobs.
    • It Improves Employee Satisfaction: Employees know when managers care about their happiness and well-being. If they see investment made into machine guarding components that keep them happier and safer while working, they are going to be content with their role at your company. This contentment translates into greater employee satisfaction, and therefore, greater productivity with higher quality performance throughout the day. It doesn’t always take much to show your workforce that you care.
    • It Minimizes Error: With humans comes human error. It’s part of what makes us human. That is no exception when operating big, dangerous machinery. Humans are going to slip up and press the wrong button. They might even stumble and fall. It’s wise to predict this type of error ahead of time, using machine guarding products to keep everyone safe even when error does occur. It’s a natural part of working with people on a daily basis.
    • It Protects Clients: Do you permit clients or buyers to walk through your facility? Do they want to check it out before they invest in you? It’s in your best interest to establish a facility that is safe for everyone walking through. Nothing would shut down your business quicker than causing bodily harm to a potential buyer in the workplace.

Industrial Guarding Inc.
Here at Industrial Guarding Inc., we want you, your employees, and your buyers to be safe and protected. That’s why we help you establish a workplace that is machine guarding compliant – it’s better for everyone involved.

Machine Guarding: Why It’s a Legal Requirement

A range of manufacturing, production, and packaging companies come into contact with a variety of dangerous and hazardous machinery on a daily basis. These machine components are what speed up the production process, expediting services so your employees can focus their time and attention elsewhere. However, in order to keep them properly protected and safeguarded in your work environment, machine guarding comes into the picture.

According to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Canadian statistics, in 2012:

  • 1,976 workers were caught in or compressed by equipment
  • 305 workers were rubbed or abraded by friction, pressure, or jarred by vibration
  • 367 workers had body parts amputated

As a result, in 2013, 17% of 2,373 orders issued by the Ministry of Labour inspectors were for machine guarding and lockout violations. Those deaths and bodily alterations were in vain, as no one ever needs to be permanently altered or killed while on the job. That’s where machine guarding comes into the picture.

What is Machine Guarding?
Basically, machine guarding refers to the guarding or protecting of machine parts that are labeled as the most dangerous elements of the machinery. Any machine, part, function, or process that can cause injury to a human must be guarded while in use.

It’s the Law
Machine guarding is a legal requirement in Canada today. Why? Because it reduces the likelihood that an accident will occur as a result of mechanical failure, human error, electrical failure, or poor design. All four of those catalysts are unavoidable when pairing humans with machinery equipment, which is where the guarding comes into the picture. It’s an essential buffer that prevents permanent injury – and even – death while on the job.

According to the law, hazards include:

  • Exposure to in-running nip hazards, like getting caught in machinery if moving parts are not guarded;
  • Exposure to hazardous motion, such as rotating machine parts, if equipment is not properly locked and blocked during maintenance and repair.

Therefore, employers are required to:

  • Provide appropriate information, instruction, and supervision to protect workers such as training in lockout and guarding procedures
  • Ensure equipment is maintained in good condition by replacing and/or repairing damaged machine components
  • Ensure machine guarding with devices that include moving parts, as well as in-running nip hazards
  • Clean, oil, adjust, repair, and perform maintenance on machines regularly

That goes for supervisors as well.

Industrial Guarding Inc.
Here at Industrial Guarding Inc., we know that guarding is a mandatory service required in all businesses with moving parts and large machinery. If not for it being the law, it’s mandatory for keeping people protected and safe at their jobs. It’s 2018; no one needs to go home without a limb today. It’s a legal requirement because as a country we believe in investing in people, not profit.

If you need assistance in guarding your machinery this year, please reach out to us. We want you to be safe and compliant.