Rack Post Protectors

Our rack post protectors prevent expensive rack and shelving damage from forklifts and pallet trucks. As you know, it only takes one damaged rack post to compromise the structural integrity of an entire racking unit. These heavy steel protectors are a low cost method for reducing damage to expensive equipment while protecting personnel from falling rack structures hit by moving vehicles.

When it comes to warehouse storage, rack posts can be easily struck by a forklift. When that happens, repairing damaged racking is both expensive and time-consuming. Stored items must be removed and stored elsewhere, while the damaged components are replaced. It’s costly, requires hours of added labor to relocate the products, and even subjects the products to environmental conditions that might not be favorable for their integrity.  We get it, and we know how frustrating it can be; that’s why we did something about it.

Our rack post protectors come in a yellow durable powder coat finish and are fully welded. Our heavy duty series is made of 3/8" thick steel uprights welded to a 3/8" thick base, for a strong and infallible reliability that you can count on when things get busy. We offer both a corner rack post protector with extended upright protection and an inline rack post protector.  All concrete anchors are included in the price.

A variety of standard heights are available (12", 18" & 24") with custom heights and openings also available on special order. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding custom orders for your operation.

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OHSA states:
The employer to ensure that the equipment it provides is maintained in good condition. Racks must be maintained in good condition by replacing/repairing damaged components of a racking system [OHSA, clause 25(1)(b)].

Corner Rack Post Protectors

Left Hand Right Hand
Height Fits Post Size Order # Order #
12" 5" wide RP-12-CP-375-LH RP-12-CP-375-RH
18" 5" wide RP-18-CP-375-LH RP-18-CP-375-RH
24" 5" wide RP-24-CP-375-LH RP-24-CP-375-RH

Inline Rack Post Protectors

Height Fits Post Size Order #
12" 5" wide RP-12-IP-375
18" 5" wide RP-18-IP-375
24" 5" wide RP-24-IP-375